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Pivot Pusher Society
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Business is all about evolution... and quite frankly—you do not need "permission to transition". So if you're finding yourself falling out of love with your business then it might mean a pivot is calling your name.

Around here, there are 3 pivot types we teach:

  1. A Micro Pivot
  2. A Macro Pivot
  3. A Mega Pivot

Let me explain:

A Micro Pivot means you'll stay in the same role, but pivot parts of your business. A Macro Pivot means you'll stay in the same industry, but pivot your role. And a Mega Pivot means you'll pivot your industry and entire business altogether.

Regardless of the pivot you might be experiencing, here is what I want you to know—a pivot does not mean a quit. It simply means you're ready to shift your business so that is better serves you and your people.

If you're feeling any parts of this... then you're in the right place, and I want to officially welcome you to Pivot Pusher Society! Go ahead... get comfortable, and don't forget to introduce yourself.

Here's What's Included:

So here is what you can expect around here at PPS:

  • A community of pivoting go-getters who are experts in their own right.
  • Challenges, virtual crash courses, summits and private group programs.
  • Polls, prompts and posts to get the conversation started!
  • Direct messaging and threaded conversations.
  • Exclusive announcements on all things BJ&Co.

In other words, we've curated a place that's uniquely ours! No logging into the 'Gram or another Facebook Group! Everything you need... right here... in one place!

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